Oct 19, 2010

The 'What-If?' Game

By Lamia Fahim

1.  What if, fish could fly and birds could swim?
     A lame answer to "what's up?"  would be "water". 

2.  What if, a rainbow was made up of another color called "Nymphette"?                                                                                   
     The seven basic colors would have to be welcoming to make room for the eighth.

3.  What if, there actually is a Hogwarts?
     I'd ditch Lyceum and transfer.

4.  What if, the earth started revolving the other way round? Would people start growing younger instead of older?
     The movie "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" would be an epic fail and Brad Pitt would (finally) go out of business.

5.  What if, someone was born with gills?
     Would they choose to live underwater or on earth?
     They'd pick underwater, so that sea-creatures could finally protest about water pollution and their rights,
     and form a Political Water Board.

6.  What if, there was no sin anymore? What would happen to hell?
     It would freeze over.

7.  What if, the world was actually black and white for a day?
     Mimes would finally be recognized and appreciated.

8.  What if, there were blue-colored animals?
     Then the term "earthy" would be in reference to the color blue.

9.  What if, people were yellow-colored?
     What would happen to jaundice?
     And would "The Simpsons" still be as popular as it is now?
     Jaundice would mean turning peach-colored.
     The Simpsons would fit in, but be tedious.

10. What if, N.A.S.A. discovered another planet on which life-forms existed?
      Would people move?

      Hell yes, I would. The Earth's being ravaged anyways.

11. What if, gravity had a switch, and could be turned off and on?
      Then we would literally be able to "fly on over".

12. What if, invisibility, for people, existed?
      Boys would have too much fun and the word "deception" would take on a whole new meaning.


Misal Shujjat said...

hahaha I loved all of these-questions and answers both. especially the Hogwarts one. I'd ditch Lyceum too-without blinking twice :P

Sana Riwzan said...

You made me laugh. This was great!

Sama K. said...

now i really wish hogwarts existed-_-
I really loved this because not only did it make me laugh but it made me think. like the one about NASA? clever

nahl said...

haha q.12 girls could have fun too :p
this is really good

Lamia Fahim said...

Hogwarts! <3
Thank you, all. :)

Madiha Shekhani said...

wow this is brilliant!! :) and i love q3 ! :P

hats said...

another brilliant piece by an amazingly creative mind :)

Zahra Fatima said...

This is amazing.
q 3 is my favourite though! ;)

Lynette said...

hehe extremely funny!! especically qs 3 and 12

ailsa menezes said...

hey i really loved reading it. i was in splits half the time and kept getting odd looks from those around me.

camilla munaf said...

hahah this is funny !

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