Jul 22, 2011


By Mahin Shamsi

I'd like to write a tribute to Aakash Dharma.

Aakash was the head boy i only new by name for the first couple of
months in lyceum. Till the urdu drama rehearsals rolled around. While
I still have little respect for him as a headboy (I witnessed him
napping on the bench with the gown as his pillow) a strong friendship
was forged between us due to the drama. We had our rough patches but I
can honestly say I'm really going to miss seeing him in school. Also
his indecent sense of humor due to which I had to justify my innocence
to him. But Aakash knows I'm not the bad one (I hope you get this

Jul 21, 2011


By Beenish Saeed

For all my dear friends from Class of 2011, I wish you the very best.
Some of you will stay near to me while many others would go miles
away. I am glad that we are bidding farewell to one another because
when someone says good bye, nature brings them together once again at
some point in time and they say hello, and meet again. It would be so
nice to meet all of you some day in the future when I am sure each of
you must be having interesting stories about your experiences after
graduation to share.

Some of you have really made a difference in my life and I take this
opportunity to thank you. For instance, if it was not for Danial
Shamail, I would not have experienced the true colours of friendship
that painted the canvas of my life in the most wondrous and happiest
ways. Maliha Ali, you have been more than an inspiration to me and I
hope that you continue to inspire all those who are willing to learn
the true nature about life at its best. Maha Ali, your smile reminds
me of a beautiful princess and I consider myself lucky to have been
part of your good company. I can simply never forget Aruba Ilyas and I
wish to thank her for being truly interesting and thoughtful as a
person and a friend.

And then there is the most jolly and high-spirited person I have ever
met. She is none other than my dear friend, Annoushka Bayat. You are
an amazing girl, Annoushka and you contributed the most to making me
feel comfortable and happy when I joined The Lyceum. I wish you all
the success and happiness. Ali Umer, I surely cannot forget you nor
your cool attitude. An amazing friend, you are. Stay the same forever.
I still wish we could have attended the ROTMUN conference together.

Herein I mention the highly talented, Asad Zaidi. I am sure you’ll be
a great writer or a photographer some day and when you are, please
remember us and stay in touch with us. Yes, this is a humble request
and quite different from the usual ‘don’t forget me’ notes. A lot has
been done and a lot is still left to be done. At this point, my
favourite words are: Your life starts now. Hence, go out into the
world, bridge gaps, make positive differences, help your beloved
country and love your family and friends. I love you all and I am
going to miss each of you. My sincere wish for the Class of 2011 is to
pray for the Class of 2012. Good luck!