Oct 2, 2010

Description of a Sunset

Write two passages, describing the sunrise. In your writing you should describe
the scene to convey the contrasting moods of the two characters witnessing it.

By Shanzae Asif


Ariel shut her eyes tightly and inhaled deeply the odour of the brackish water from the
sea, as she stood at the beach watching the sun go down before her. The smell of fresh
salt and moldy sea-weed, though hidden fathoms below stung her nostrils sharply. She
cringed but her thoughts were overpowered by the overwhelming beauty of the sunset.

Autumn had clearly set in, for the waters were tranquil and crystal clear, they seemed
to soothe her anxiety instantaneously as the magnificent navy blue expanse reflected
warmth from the setting sun. It cast an orange haze over the horizon, as if lighting the sky
above in a ring of flames. The warmth leapt out to her and instilled peace in her heart as
the brilliant fireball glowed in the distance like light at the end of a gloomy tunnel. Light,
which glowed with a promising return for the future, a promise that it would return the
next day with greater hope.

The sun, shone brilliantly like a concave gold plate emitting its last crimson rays of light
before embracing sweet slumber. Although, it appeared partially shrouded by the hanging
clouds, it managed to maintain its grandeur as it surrendered its glory to the advancing
darkness which would soon engulf the world. The clouds, with their various shades of
pearly white fluff to deeper purples surrounded the dying warrior like a multitude of
onlookers as it bade farewell. The sea however, opened its arms in welcome to its guest
as it sunk lower casting the reflection of a pale, mirrored pathway of shimmering light
over the rolling waters. To Ariel, it was her chosen path, one which would lead her to her
designated goal.


Today was certainly Donna’s last, to watch the sun retire, to smell the briny waters of the
sea, to take her last gasp of fresh air- alive. For Donna, it was the end of her human life
for she no longer possessed the strength to battle death. Death which appeared in every
symbol, shape and form. Death which stalked the congested corridors of her mind for
even in the glory of the setting sun before her, she sensed nothing but death. The great
yellow ball symbolized creeping death as it sunk lower and lower into the horizon lined
with a fierce reddish- orange glaze. The thin lining of clouds above, were a menacing
veil of doom which appeared to throttle the light of the sun as it struggled to break free.
However, even in the brilliance of the yellow glare, for Donna there was darkness of the
shadowy night. The sky appeared a mixture of a hint of yellow and deep mauve which
further descended into a dull, unexciting brown reflecting the worthlessness of her self.
She too was a mixture of various shades, all of which at the end came together as her
mundane persona which enthralled no one.

Despite the calm locomotion of the waves, Donna sensed vibrations of gloom in the deep
blue waters. The sea spanned endlessly, like the endless journey of death to stalk her.
She shrunk back in fear, for the water seemed to offer an invitation of death in its depths
below. Although, the sun cast translucent light over it, the deep blue overpowered its
effect. Gradually, the sun was losing its light descending into the horizon, welcoming
its end for no one needed it anymore. Donna, too at this point accepted her fate as she
watched the sky, streaked with the colour of clear topaz as the sun was just about to set.


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