Oct 15, 2010

Hansel and Gretel

By Fatin Nawaz

The Fae were creatures of great evil, renowned for their beauty and deception. They were brilliant shape-shifters as well. Created through dark rituals, the young Fae were taught how to morph into other beings. Most importantly they learned how to transform into those despicable humans. To adopt their loathsome way of interacting and that rather repulsive skin color so perfectly.

Balthdred and Lanfear were two young Fae. They were mates, dependent on each other. Humans would have called it love, but the Fae believed in no such thing. Like all the young Fae, they were given to another pair to be taught the Magiks, deception and how to increase their powers. Except this pair defied the rules of their society.

The female counterpart, with her ever growing thirst for dominion, decided to steal the orb of Lanfear and Balthdred's power. Seducing her mates with grand promises she never meant to fulfill, she carried out her scheme such that it seemed the young Fae had gone awry on one of their trials, to be never seen again.

She sent these now powerless Fae to the human planet. Desolate, confused and burning with anger, Lanfear and Balthdred found themselves on a terrestrial plane.

'Atleast it suits our mood.' Balth grumbled, trying to find some way to make better of the situation.
He needed Lanfear to be the proper kind of angry. Right now she seemed to be furious enough to burn down the whole planet. She had yet to learn, it was just as well their powers were gone.

'Lanfear dopling, these burnt down surroundings do compliment your beauty quite well. And I do love the additions to your clothing.' He leered.

Lanfear grinned at him, appreciating his efforts. Th churned smoky trees, the color of ebony, did flatter her luscious plum skin. And her blood red garb clung to her skin fetchingly. The journey had left it torn and frayed which added to it's appeal.

'Alright, alright, we're at some forest by the name of Sanleh, as you can see, it was destroyed. Probably by one of us.' She said with a roll of her eyes.

'Sanleh?' Balth exclaimed, 'Oh that foolish brute! She could not have chosen a worst place to dispose of us. She shall be so very very sorry. They both will be.'

Lanfear tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for his cackle to die. Those eyes, the very color of fury, demanded an explanation. One came forth soon enough. Sanleh was the home of a cannibal woman. A witch expertizing in the Magiks.

A sinister smile spread across Lanfear's purple cheeks, biting her red mouth, she asked how the woman was to be contolled. Balth explained that out here in the woods, she did not get much human meat. She was probably craving some.

'Ready to morph dopling?'

Long grape limbs shortened to olive colored arms. Perturbing bones were covered with skin. Gnarled nails shortened to neatly clipped ones. Lanfear's exotic curves disappeared into the body of a young girl. Balthdred's muscles transformed into a round little boy.

'I want us to be siblings, the idea seduces me.' Lanfear purred.

'You and your forbidden love fantasies,' Balth smirked, admiring his handiwork, he said, 'I'm quite good aren't I?'

'Hmm what shall we name ourselves?' Lanfear pondered.

'Well I'll be Hansel.'


'It is an acronym of Sanleh, sounds like the name of a fat delicious boy.' Hansel smiled.

'Then I'll be Gretel, the affectionate sister.' Gretel winked. They set out to find the house supposedly made of chocolates and candy, to appeal to children and adults alike. Humans has a sweet tooth.

It was not all that hard to find a glade. The Fae failed to understand how anybody could be gullible enough to fall into that trap. These humans.

In the sacrificial manner they dribbled their teal blood in the pattern of an octagon around the house. The energy points were ready. It was time to scare the cannibal woman.

Strolling to the candy house, Hansel and Gretel gobbled down chocolate and candy. The witch soon opened the door, pretending to be charitable and tender. With those misshapen rags she called clothes and that disfigured nose, they could not believe that humans, frightened little creatures they were, did not run after taking one look at her. How strange were they?

Masquerading to be naive children they entered the house, but hearing the snicker of a ghoulish doll, the witch turned to them with shallow brown eyes filled with fright and revulsions.

A trigger had gone off. The witch knew they were Fae. It was all she needed to know.

'The vorlex is set, begin the Magik and you will be spared a petrifying death.' Hansel spoke flickering between his true self.

'As you wish Fae! I will do as you please, how you please.' The witch stuttered.

'Just start already.' Lanfear was already back.

Bobbing her head like the half wit she was, the witch got a pot, donating some blood into it. Lanfear proceeded to lick the wound, already thinking of how those who had defied her would suffer.


Rahomie said...

oh my. This is really good.
Love the descriptions.

Saniya Kamal said...

I enjoyed reading this a lot!!!
Oh, and Sanleh somehow makes me think of Salem, hence adding to the 'witchy-magic' mood.

Asad said...

Huge respect for using Lanfear's name from The Wheel of Time series. :)

Fatin said...

OhmyGod more people who have read The Wheel of Time series :o

Lynette said...

awww love it..esp the description such as 'the color of ebony, did flatter her luscious plum skin' love the way you wrote this

Fatin said...

Thanks :)

Nimrah N said...

Ooh. My favourite genre: Fantasy, with a splash of horror. I love it, Fatin. Great descriptions, too.
And the Fae sound like very drawable people. =D (i'm just saying. =P)
It's funny how the artist in me finds so much inspiration on this blog.

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