The Blog Moderators

Asad Zaidi ‘11

Asad Zaidi is Inkistan’s creator and first moderator. His duties
included creating the blog, listening to a thousand instructions of
mine while I raced up to class as he chased after me, taking notes and
turning my confused wish list and bringing it to life in the form of a
coherent blog. While managing his own studies, college tests and
applications, he managed to post entries promptly and was extremely
polite with irate first years demanding to know where their entries
were. What I most admire about Asad is his modesty and his self
assurance. Another student might have crossed the line into full
fledged arrogance but not Asad.  He is not only a brilliant writer but
also a fine human being. His writings have inspired his peers as well
as his language teacher. He is a creative individual who will bring
his own special brand of magic and originality wherever he goes.
Thank you Asad, from all of us at Lyceum!
- Miss Shazaf Haider.

Rahima Sohail ‘12

Rahima Sohail was an enthusiastic volunteer for the position of 
blog moderator. She had big shoes to fill, and fill them she did, 
and more. She re-vamped the look of Inkistan, added articles 
on time and balanced her duties with a rigorous debating and 
academic schedule - she was quick to post articles even though 
she divided her time between Bangladesh, USA and Karachi. 
She always has a smile on her face and her sense of humour 
is infectious. I knew that the blog was in capable hands; it just gets
better and better with efficient and creative individuals like her. 
Her own contribution to the blog, her personal statement, 
is an inspiration in itself and a testament to what an amazing 
human being she is. It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to her.

Wishing you all the luck in the world, Rahima!
- Miss Shazaf Haider.

 Khurram Ali ‘13

Khurram Ali , the third moderator of the blog, filled in
the shoes of his predecessors with admirable ease. 
He was efficient, tech-savy and ALWAYS online, God bless him.
The go-to for all technical problems in first year, he was a 
natural for the job. His own stories were always different
and interesting and he divided his time between debating, 
science and story telling with admirable ease.
Individuals such as him are an asset to any institution
and any venture - Inkistan was lucky to have him. 
Wishing you lots of love and a BIG hug, Khurram!
- Miss Shazaf Haider


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