Oct 2, 2010

A Taste of Insignificance

By Hadia Piracha

come hither,come hither
i said to the bird
but it kept moving steadily away

smell sweet! sweet being!
i pleaded to the rose
but its scent just kept fading away

taste good! oh scrumptiuos meal!
i wished for the food
but its flavour got worse than cardboard

sing! shower me with a heavenly voice!
i requested to the mockingbird
but it was too melancholy and would not do

stay afloat! stay afloat!
i prayed for the wrecked boat
but the tide grew wilder,rougher,i kept sinking

move faster,oh please do!
i begged to the crawling snail
but it was grievous time,it kept getting slower

release me chordS! u wretched invention!
i said to the cage
but it was alive,scathing,it kept binding me tighter

give me some power! just a little bit!
i begged,pleaded,desired from them
but the torture kept increasing

do return home!oh delicious feeling!
of love,freedom,ecstacy,return
instead it kept goin further and further away.....

my life,my angels,stay not parted from me
my heart screamed out to them
they had stopped caring,i didnt matter anymore

trapped in a formidable cage,separated from my loved ones
they knew not my life without them was empty
they simply moved on,for they too were in danger of jeopardy...


Pooja Lakhwani said...

You wrote this amazingly well - the beginning itself was brillant. It got the reader immediatly hooked. The ending was a little dissapointing - there was too much repetetion in it.

hats said...

thanks pooja! and good point...but the last two stanzas kinda go together.........

Lamia Fahim said...

I like this. I wish I could write poetry this well, too. :)

Sana Riwzan said...

The concept, metaphors and imagery are fantastic.

hats said...

thank u! :)

Lynette Rodrigues said...

amazingly written :)

Dania Shah Khan said...

I loved this!

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