Oct 15, 2010


Q/. Think of a piece of music, describe it and talk about the emotions it evokes in you.
By "One Republic"

By Lamia Fahim

  The song precipitated with a symphony of violins; two to be exact: there's the main one, in the forefront, playing at a faster rate and the one in the background, moving at a much slower, mournful pace. Both sing as if they are melting, fusing into one another, the way glass shattering in slow motion would fall into a pool of water; there would be ripples but they would become invisible after a few moments.
  The music gives the impression of fake harmony as it starts, but it can be judged that it is building towards a sudden eruption; like a balloon being filled with water incessantly until it suddenly bursts and breaks out into drums beating like hearts, somebody clapping and tapping to the rhythm of the piano that joins the song, sinuous and flowing beads rolling over gravel. An instrument plays up irregularly, unsuspectingly, like an alarm clock being wound up.
The guitar's jarring, which was background, suddenly jumps in between the song, in between the singer's voice singing the lyrics in a peaceful, tranquil mood with his soft, earnest and throaty voice, and catches a person by surprise.
  The lyrics of the song are beautiful, especially as the singer's voice is like a gasp, a rhythmic sort of crooning, a heartbroken bird's song. The lyrics talk about pain, the kind of hurt inspired when a person sees a stunning glass statue of an angel shatter, showing that it was all a lie; that it was pretense. He sings about being "ten feet off the ground", connoting a spiritual reference, and about how he can hear what "the" person is saying, but he "just can't make a sound": this is controversial, he is singing. 
"Fire turning blue"; it is as if the fight, the passion has gone out of him, but his melodramatic huskiness contradicts this fact.
  The song makes a person realize acceptance, and makes them see that hurt has too many faces. It is as deep as a bottomless pit and as soulful as an ancient graveyard.It is mellow and it reminds a person of rain falling slowly, as if each and every droplet is visible. It also makes a person visualize ballerinas spinning incessantly, their eyes shut in concentration or figure-skaters circling an ice-rink's border, cycles repeating themselves, time's hands going round and round.
The song is silent passion, a bird knocking continuously against its cage, searching for escape, or a fire blazing and cackling in a hearth, threatening to go out. It is a voice weeping; a hard-surfaced cake melting away to reveal the soft center.
  The instruments, lyrics and the singer's voice all sew themselves up together to form a comfortable quilt that is spread out over the listener ; the quilt is a hue of grays , like ash blowing with the wind, light-browns, like a tawny owl flying off with a ruffling of its feathers, and yellows, like the sunrise over the sand dunes in a desert.
The song leaves a bittersweet aftertaste in a person's mouth as it beats like a dying heart towards its climax, galloping like a black stallion over lush-green rolling hills, racing against the wind, knowing it has to reach the end.
  "Apologize" has the capacity to make a person cry if they really listen, or to make a lethargic person get up and start tapping and dancing to the rhythm. 
The way the song ends... It's as if two rivers were rushing towards each other, eager, anticipative and in a hurry, and when they finally collide, it is a supernova giving way to a black-hole, leaving a person's head, or in some cases, their heart, pounding faintly.


Yusra Abbasi said...

this song has been an all time favourite of mine and I love how you have intricately described the whole feel of the song. Brilliant!

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