Oct 20, 2010

The Little Mermaid

By Sana Rizwan

I've been humiliated and disgraced. My life's work has been mocked and insulted. I've
suffered in a way no one has and I've got absolutely nothing to lose now. I did nothing wrong,
I'm simply a prisoner of birth.

I used to be a star, someone envied and applauded. I have been one of the best doctors in the
country, my work was world famous. My reputation was unblemished. All this changed when
the owner of Atlantic Industries chose me as his next victim. He called me into one of the many
hospitals he owns for a job interview and even more recognition of my work around the world.
It was an honor; but instead of the Promised Land I was given a desert.

He gave me a position as a lowly intern and when I objected, he ridiculed me, publicly made
a laughing stock of me and used his influence and convinced my old boss to fire me. He did all
this to eliminate competition. I was the rising opponent and he had to get rid of me. He was
rich-so it was easy for him; I wasn’t- so I had to take the blow. Once you’ve been expelled from
something that elite, no one comes or recommends you to anyone else. I was bankrupt in a
month, all my savings gone and my medical record was erased because of a newfound ‘fault’
in the system- all this because I defied the judgment of a billionaire. My anger on its peak, I
hatched a plan for vengeance.

Triton, the billionaire, had a daughter. She was the definition of a foolish teenager- she’d fall
in love with every pathetic boy she’d meet. The problem was no one would love her back; she
was crippled. Ariel used a wheelchair. I was going to use this against her father and since I knew
what it was like to be rejected for something no one had control over, I would help her along
the way.

I emailed her, giving her the details of an experiment that was illegal, dangerous and very
risky- but if successful, would help her regain control of her legs. I also told her that not many
people could do this operation properly, but I could. I even sent her an article written about me
before her father had slandered me. She replied back saying her father would never allow such
a risky operation but she was interested. I sent two of my most faithful interns to convince her
to come to me. I call them my ‘eels’ because they both are so lanky and flexible that they give
an appearance of those slithering creatures.

Ariel’s father loved her. A lot. Ariel, however, had other interests, one of them to be loved
by someone other than her father. This little multi-million dollar princess had her eyes set on
a prince and she wanted to be with him but he only ever looked at her as a charity case with
those limbs.

Ariel, being more than willing to give me anything I wanted, had her dream so close and within
reach now. I asked her to get me the document her father always carried in his expensive
briefcase, telling her it was something owed to me. She brought it the next day and I began

operating on her. I made sure she understood how dangerous it was and now my conscious
was clear. Also, Ariel had promised to keep this a secret until it was over so I was safe from
How does this story end? Ariel could walk again. She’ll probably be able to dance on her
wedding. But poor Ariel, she didn’t get the prince she had her eyes on. He chose someone else.
I’ve grown fond of that girl, I hope she finds another prince soon, and knowing her, she will.

The document, that was my payment, was the deed to Triton’s entire industry and phone
numbers of his sponsors. I control them now, he still owns them. I didn’t have the heart to take
everything away from him; I’d be exactly what he was then. All I wanted was my dignity and
worth back which he returned to me in a public apology and appraisal that was even published
into the Medical Monthly. Everything I had lost was returned to me. My suffering was almost
compensated for. Almost. Don’t forget, I still control the deeds to Triton’s multi-million dollar


Fatin said...

This. Is. WOW.

Asad said...

This is very interesting.
I love how you turned the story on its head.

Perhaps the operation could have made Ariel lose her voice somehow, though, to keep some of the details of the story intact?

Shazaf said...

actually, losing the voice is a very disney version. the hans christian version made me want to commit suicide.

Madiha Shekhani said...

i love this!! its given a WHOLE new meaning to little mermaid! and the ending is really well written! wow :)

Misal Shujjat said...

i've told you this before and I'll tell you again; i love this! :D little mermaid has always been my favorite fairy tale and you've did a great job of turning it on it's head.

you go girl! :D

Lamia Fahim said...

I love this. :D
Thank God it didn't involve any singing.
The person telling the story reminds me of Ursula, so I think she has kept most of the details intact, Asad, without it getting too Disney.

Sana Riwzan said...

The thing is, I don't think there are many leg operations that cause side effects to your throat. I couldn't come up with the voice trade because I wanted to convert it to as successful a realistic fiction as possible. Nothing seemed plausible enough to involve the vocal cords AND feet AND a deed in the bargain. But thanks so much for the critique, I appreciate it. :)

Thanks so much everyone, it means a lot. :D And yes, it is Ursula telling the story.

Saniya Kamal said...

Nice story! I really like how the evil person was evil without really being evil...if you get what i mean. Haha

Nimrah N said...

Okay, the sad thing is, i've read it so late that commenting now means repeating what everyone else has already said, but yeah...

I found it very interesting how wrote from the witch's point of view. And i liked how it's more in alignment with Hans Christian Anderson's version.

Fatema said...

This is interesting.

Khurram said...

This is just amazing.

Noor-us-Sabah Adamjee said...

This is interesting, its a better version than the original.

Sana Riwzan said...

Oh wow. Thank you guys so much! That means a lot, but I wouldn't choose this over the original. Thanks so much <3

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