Oct 15, 2010

Party! - An Onomatopoeic Poem

By Hadia Piracha

splish! splash! whoosh!
this is so much fun! 
pitter! patter! pitter!
the rain washes away the sun!
yeay! yeay! yea!
we're partying so hard
boom! boom! boom!
blaring music and no guard
la! la! la!
come sing along too
dum de dum dum.......
sits alone you
buzz! buzz! buzz!
chattering like bees
thud! bam bam!
go crashing bodies
pwaan pwaan pwaaan..........
the music shuts down
oops! oops! whoops!
mum interrupts the showdown
uh oh! oh no!
everybody moan
you weren't even partying
and still you groan..........


Lamia Fahim said...

Hahaha, I like the ending. :)
I like the usage of the sound-words, nice job :)

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