Oct 2, 2010

The Sunrise

Write two passages, describing the sunrise. In your writing you should describe
the scene to convey the contrasting moods of the two characters witnessing it.

By Amber Raza

I wait at the edge of the cliff and watch. Watch as the eye of the sky slowly opens.
Awakening from slumber, the great ball of energy gets pushed up out of the water of the
endless blue ocean. The bright orb sparkles and winks mischievously at me. I can feel
the heat of the sun caressing my skin. And for a second I close my eyes and relish in the
delectable feeling of it.

I stare at the halo around the sun; an angel smiling down upon me. The sun glistens
brightly over the intense blue of the ocean, forming a clear path towards it; a stairway to
Heaven on the waters dark surface. I inch forward, yearning to climb on it, as I know I
will be greeted warmly by the entity waiting for me at the top of the stairway. Even the
waves lap restlessly on the surface of the ocean, like eager Labradors, trying with all their
might to climb up and be embraced by the sun.

The sky around the great ball of fire is flushed a soft pink, probably overwhelmed by the
sun’s majestic beauty. The clouds billow gently in the sky, like wet clothes hung out to
dry. High above they circle around, quietly watching from a distance all that is going on
underneath them.

The horizon is a mixture of peaches and strawberries; all blended together like a perfectly
made smoothie. The sky is intricately painted, and I admire the work of a talented artist,
feeling blessed to witness such beauty.

After a few minutes, the pink is almost gone. The sky has been lit up as the sun emerges
fully, and shines like an Oscar, in all its glory. It’s a new dawn, a new day, a new life. I
take one last look at the sun and smile.

I look up and stare blankly at the sunrise. The sky is an ugly monster, a Cyclops in fact,
and I squirm under the heat of its gaze. I can feel it leering at me, mocking me and my
pathetic state. My eyes burn as I stare up at it, welcoming the pain, as I know I deserve it.
I should be burnt from the outside as well, as internally I am already black and charred.

Darkness dwells underneath the murky blue waters of the ocean, silently waiting just
below the surface, to jump out at its next unsuspecting victim. The clouds are sprinkled
over the sky like smoky ashes; the remains of a raging fire. They circle around like
vultures, waiting for death and decay, or the signs of something more ominous to come.

I can feel the prickly heat of the sun scorching me, and my skin cries out in protest, tears
of sweat emerging from its pores. The sun’s reflection can be seen on the deceivingly
calm waters, a yellow brick road leading not to the Land of Oz, but to the fiery pits of

The sky is a wretched pink, and I can taste the bitterness of the antibiotic syrup that it
reminds me of. There is a stream of yellow in the sky as well, and I feel like the eyes of a
jaundiced patient are staring at me.

I watch, and I wait. A new day is here. Another day of my miserable life.


Pooja Lakhwani said...

Amber - I loved this! It was fantastic, brillant and just amazing! I loved how you took the same things - the same pink, the same waves and described it in a completely different way. This proves your strength as writer - just amazing. These lines were my favorite:

A stairway toHeaven on the waters dark surface

The horizon is a mixture of peaches and strawberries; all blended together like a perfectlymade smoothie

I should be burnt from the outside as well, as internally I am already black and charred.

Brillant work =D

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