Oct 15, 2010


By Marium Ibrahim 

Her long manicured fingernails tapped impatiently on the window ledge as she stared
out at the world beyond the tower with troubled blue eyes. Her hair, so long that it could
easily be wrapped around her slender frame twenty times, was neatly braided and shone
like gold where it was hit by the sun’s rays.

“Sister!” she called, and a hurried scuffling sound was heard before a hunched figure
emerged from behind the wooden door. As the figure stepped into the light, it was
obvious she was a witch, with her pale, sickly yellowish green skin and bloodshot eyes
and her every pore oozing a slimy substance. Crooked teeth so yellow that they were
almost brown showed when she parted her thin, dry lips to reply.
“What is it now?” she screeched, “can you not see that I am busy?”

The girl, was seemingly unperturbed by the sight and sound of the witch. “I am
hungry! You told me this kingdom would be filed with delicious handsome young
men. Yet, we’ve been here days and I’ve seen none!” She shouted back in a curious
breathy voice that contradicted her tone. “And why must I always play the part of
the damsel in distress? This stupid voice I have to speak in absolutely sickens me!”

“Dear sister” replied the witch, “do not worry. I have fair proof that this kingdom is filled
with delicious young men desperate for attention, even if the last wasn’t. I have already
sent out word that a beautiful princess named Rapunzel ,you, has been trapped by an
evil witch, me, in a tower, and any moment now some airheaded human male is going
to try to climb up your hair in an attempt you rescue you.” Here, she paused to cackle
loudly before continuing, “And we both know that you are the only one strong enough to
drink the “pretty potion” every few hours. Besides, pretending to die when another prince
shoves a sword into your chest isn’t very easy either.”

Prince James Clearknight the Third was considered the most handsome man in the entire
kingdom. His jet black hair came down to his neck and his eyes were the perfect shade
of blue. He was very wealthy and only wore the grandest clothes. He smiled flirtatiously
at very maiden he saw, who often giggled coyly back. His only flaw, however was that
he was immensely arrogant and thought a great deal of himself, so of course, when he
heard of the beautiful princess held captive in a tower, he knew that he would be the one
to rescue and marry her.

The prince had, of course heard of the princess’ long hair, and had decided this was the
way he was going to climb up the tower to get to the princess, and was very pleased with
himself for thinking of it. (He had not, however, though of a way back down). He had
also had the Royal poet think up a short verse that he could recite to Rapunzel when he
finally reached the tower.

As he entered the gate to the tower, the prince mounted off of his white steed and,
tightening his grip on his sword, made his way on foot towards the tower. All of a
sudden, the most hideous creature he had every seen, with slimy green skin and hair
resembling dead snakes, came up in front of him, seemingly out of nowhere. Heart racing
with fear, he summoned up all of his courage and plunged his sword into the heart of the
witch, who let down a dramatic yell and collapsed, lifeless by his feet.

Prince James shuddered, repulsed at the sight of her, and stepped gingerly around the
body towards the tower. He could see his beautiful princess sitting at the window, and
his heart skipped with joy. He cleared his throat and started to recite the now well versed
poem he had memorized for this occasion.
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair, so I can climb the golden stairs”

Up in the tower, Rapunzel rolled her eyes at his attempt at poetry. “Oh my Prince! You
have come to rescue me at last!” she replied in her usual breathy voice as she threw her
hair out of the window.

The Prince, after a lot of slipping and many painful tugs on Rapunzel’s scalp, finally
made it to the window, and looked very pleased with himself when he finally managed
to get inside, but as he turned around to look at his beautiful bride to be, the smug smile
slipped off of his face and was replaced very quickly by an expression of pure horror.
Something dreadful seemed to be happing to her, and all the prince could do was to stand
and stare, paralyzed with fear.

All her golden hair was falling out of her head, replaced by hair that was murky green
in colour that which was very thin and missing in a few places. Her once perfect white
skin became a sickly, slimy green with a large prominent wart on her chin. She seemed
to shrink, and grew hunched over, and dark yellow teeth protruded from her mouth. The
most gruesome thing about her though, was her eyes. One of them, shaped like a normal
human eye, but a pale yellow colour with the iris so translucent it was barley visible. The
other eye, was small and beady, darting around, watching everything.

The prince still stood staring, transfixed with horror. This witch was even more horrific
than the last and he sight of her made him feel nauseated with revulsion.
“No where to run, my handsome savior.” She cackled.
The first witch he had seen suddenly came up from behind him. He jolted, had he not
slain this witch only a while ago? Apparently, his trusted sword was useless to him.
They both smiled evilly at his sweaty face and bewildered expression.
“You were right sister,” said Rapunzel, “There was a decent catch in this kingdom after
all. Now I believe I had promised you the first bite...”


fatinnawaz said...

Marium, I love the twist.

Sana Riwzan said...

This is BRILLIANT! I absolutely love it.

Ailsa Menezes said...

i found this story extremly amusing.
the poor prince :(
good job

Lamia Fahim said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this :D I wish this had been the original story, fairy-tale-ish fairy-tales make me want to barf.
Well done :)

Saniya Kamal said...

the entire thing was so fun to read!
my favorite part was the royal poet thing!

Misal Shujjat said...

oh this was amazing! i loved it!

Sama K. said...

This is one of those times where you don't want to be a critic and just enjoy the flow of a story! i love how the story is dark as well as humorous! brilliant!

Marium Ibrahim said...

lol thank you :)
and fairy-tale-ish fairy-tales make me want to barf too.

Najia Navaid said...

Marium the genius! :)

Zahra Fatima said...

I agree with Najia......
Marium, this is so much more interesting to read than the original.
I LOVE this! :)

Dania Shah Khan said...

Great, original and funny! Your an amazing writer! :)

nahl said...

haha this is epic who wants beautiful princess,handsome prince and happy endings.i love it :)

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