Oct 20, 2010

A Day Planned In The Life Of Superman

By Lamia Fahim

THURSDAY  24th March, 2005

8:00 a.m.  Reach "The Daily Planet; The Newspaper" using super-speed, in my disguise.

9:00 a.m.  Check out Lois Lane surreptitiously.

10:00 a.m  Keep an eye (just one will do, the other one's reserved for Lane-y here)out on the happenings, "evil" might strike.

11:00 a.m. Go to the elevator and change to my awesome supersuit, and go see how things are in Smallville and Metropole.

11:01 a.m. Return to my seat, Lois might be missing me (I bet she secretly loves me.)

12.00 noon Go and "buddy up" to the mayor, he's been looking a bit too frolicky these days.

1:00 p.m.   Go have lunch. And remember, no matter how hot Lois looks, DO NOT ask her out.

2:00 p.m.   Feed the dog back home, maybe save a couple of inconsequential lives, and come back to work. (That place is so boring, I don't know why Lois works there.)

3:00 p.m.   Have coffee, I don't really need it, but I look sexy when I'm drinking coffee.

4:00 p.m.   Log in to "HeroesAnonymous.com" and update my status on facebook, maybe have a chat with Batman (I just want to gloat, Gotham City's in chaos these days.)

5:00 p.m.   Pretend, to leave "in a hurry" and "forget my coat." Those drama classes that I took under another disguise should pay off now.

5:03 p.m.   Rush back to get my coat, ignore Lois as I make a fake call to my "date" and laugh loudly and say: "I'll see you in a few, Sweetheart."

6:00 p.m.   Burn this plan and make a new one.

Fly to the north pole to diss and complain to my dad, Jor-El.
Then fly to The Hulk's place, he's throwing a party at his place tonight (I'll beat him in an arm-wrestling   match this time!) 
Oh, and compare bicep size with Spiderman.
Go out to save the world, just for three hours though, have to wake up early the next day to fly to Lois' window to check her out performing yoga.


Sama K. said...

im the first to comment! awesome! i loved this then and i love it still!@ its so funny how obsessed he is with lois lane! i wouldnt be surprised if superman ACTUALLY plans his day like this!

Lynette said...

wow, i love this piece!

Lamia Fahim said...

hehehe, thanks you guys :D

hats said...

this peace is awesum lamia! whr dya get all these funky ideas? :)

Rahima S. said...

"4:00 p.m. Log in to "HeroesAnonymous.com" and update my status on facebook, maybe have a chat with Batman (I just want to gloat, Gotham City's in chaos these days.)" --- I LOL'D at this.

Funnny. ^__^

Zainab Akhtar said...

So amusing and cleverly planned!

Sania Bilwani said...

That was highly amusing. Enjoyed it a lot!

Sana Noor said...

Really nice! Highly entertaining :D

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