Nov 19, 2010


A MINI SAGA is a short story in 50 words. It takes great skill with words to keep to this word limit and to use irony and suggestion to say without saying. The following sagas won the competition held among the A1 Language students. Kudos and congratulations to them!

By Najia Navaid
A1 Group 1

The day Alex got the dismissal letter, he barricaded himself inside his house and disconnected the phone, shunning the outside world.

A week later the office e-mailed him:
"We no longer require your services due to your unprofessional absence"

He looked at the first letter again.

It was not his.

By Muhammad Saad Hussain
A1 Group 2

Amy uttered a shriek of pain as she tripped and sprained her ankle. She lay immobilized in the forest for hours.

A menacing growl and the cracking of twigs drew her attention. She looked up and started screaming.

The pack of wolves enjoyed a rare delicacy that night. 

By Alisha Sethi
A1 Group 1

Knowing what each colour represented, she slammed the car brakes. Cars behind honked impatiently.
 Fed up of the stubborn red a motorcycle sped away. 

It was surreal yet not surprising.

A truck, a motorcyclist and the splashes of crimson coloured regret.

Sirens were wailing.

She had seen too much red for a day.

By Marium Ibrahim
A1 Group 1

She could not stop the scene replaying in her head. 

The blinding headlights, the deafening crash, the agonizing scream next to her.

'Sara, come outside and eat something,' her mother pleaded from outside the door.

'I will', she thought, looking at the small white pills in her hand.


Asad said...

How come we never had any competitions like this? :(

Anyways, I love all of these. Especially Red on the Road.
'Crimson coloured regret' reminds me of the line from the Evanescence song Tourniquet: 'I lay dying, and I'm pouring crimson regret.'

Sana Rizwan said...

Congrats guys, all of what you wrote is really, really good.
Najia's made me laugh out loud and Marium, WOW.
Great job.

Fatin said...

Wowowow guys <3

Dania Shah said...

Brilliant! =D

Rahima S. said...

Alisha, yours is absolutely brill :)

Quratulain said...

The first one made me laugh, haha. I absolutely love 'Red on the Road', its brilliant!

Nimrah N said...

The idea in 'twist of fate' is fantastic. It's pretty hard to think those up. Those are the kind of plot twists that might come real handy when we're doing story writing.

I love the black humour in 'A rare feast'. It's deliciously morbid.

'Approaching Death' is chilling. I love the clever way you played around with dialogues. Again, wonderfully morbid.

As for "Red on the road", i feel like illustrating it. =D The description is very vivid.

Nicely done, all of you.

yusra abbasi said...

congratulations everyone!
loved the irony in twist of fate. Approaching death is also very nicely done,love how you have included dialogues in it, never gave it a thought myself

Jaza said...

Wow Alisha. That was really good.
Good job guys!

Souha said...

Najia your idea was absolutely BRILLIANT!
Saad, I always knew you were a sadist at heart. I love it :D
"Red on the road" is REALLY good! I love how you used the colour red.
and "Approaching death" gave me chills.
Congrats everyone!

Alisha Sethi said...

Thaaaanks guys :)

hats said...

omg! these sagas are amazing! well done guys!

Najia Navaid said...

Thanku :)

Sana Noor said...

I love Approaching Death!

Areeba Jibril said...

Woah :o I love these, the Twist of Fate especially. It's hilarious.

Maha asif said...

Wooww.. these are soo nice.. i really like them.. :)..

sumaya said...

what a poem

Sumaya said...


What great poems

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