Nov 16, 2010

Cemetery of Desire

By Lynette Rodrigues 

The orange red rays of light pushed themselves through the wreath of liquid copper that enveloped the ever sleeping city of San Gabrielle’s in the early hours of the morning.
The light quickly consumed every path it touched, searching for something it never seemed to find. As it passed the marble houses, its fiery red light pierced the shadows that luxuriously sprawled over every home present. These bungalows, once colourful and lively with picturesque flowers daintly  swaying in the breeze to the polka music that was always heard from the “County Mayonette’s “ bar was now deserted. A ghost town it seemed to be.
Not a sound, not even the squeak of a tiny mouse could be heard. The breeze too was so afraid of these quiet graves that it diverted its path away from this lonesome city, allowing the stale stench of blood and depression to sit on the houses forever.
As the red bathed city stood still waiting for the end, which it felt to be inevitable, a blue light emerged from the eastern end of the city where the railway tracks began of the train called, “Cemetery of Desire.” The light, at first a small spiral woven loop of intricately designed fabric appeared in the centre of the railway station’s platform, throwing its brilliant light on the narrow stone benches and stairs built in this eerie place. The light slowly grew larger and larger consuming a greater area of the void of emptiness that it needed to feed upon to exist. The light suddenly grew so big that it stopped, afraid that it would cause itself to burst into oblivion.
An image slowly began to materialize out of the hole suspended in midair. Distorted shapes made out of dots that were disjointed pushed themselves out of the light and onto the ground. They began to take form.


yusra abbasi said...

interesting read...
i liked how you portrayed the contrast between the past and the present

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