Nov 16, 2010

24/7 Inn

Qs. Create a setting that conveys a certain mood and atmosphere (300-400 words)

     By Alisha Sethi

The visitors of the dilapidated building were greeted with blaring Bollywood music and the odour of cheap perfume.The true rundown condition of '24/7 Inn' came in full view when the moon felt courteous enough to cast it under its spotlight. Upon entering the site little quivers of excitement,like needles,would run down the back and under the soles of all those in search of a quick hour or night of pleasure.One could choose,like out of a menu,where you consider not only the description of the dish but also how tight it stretches your wallet.

On a busy night,the occupancy rate would go as high as ninety five percent. Physically they were were all more or less the same but some,' the favourites',were classified to be more skillful,more crafty,more appealing. Huge cleavage,blood red lipstick and powder clad faces were not enough to grant you an upper hand these days.

The musty corridors were dimly lit with white tubelights and one of the corners of the worn out carpet was damp,being subject to the leaking roof. The pungent smell of the hallway,seared all those who walked through it. Trails of muddy footsteps ran along the carpet,each ending at a different room. Ah,the rooms. Each room displayed the tastes of their owners. Each room had its unique elements,the elements their respective owners thought would seduce the hungry beasts into coming back for more.Aromatic rose water and incense were found in some and often aided in putting their paid lovers in slightly more easy to please moods. The men particularly appreciated the sound of clinking anklets and the show that their entertainers put before them.

These uncouth occupants,which the decrepit building housed,would begin each day pondering about how lucrative their bodies would serve to be that particular day. They were almost always right with the figures,the figures which determined their life. Beneath all the nylon and flashy artificial jewellery lay souls as vain as peacocks. Each thought themselves to be better than others.

Slithering over heaving,eager bodies was the reality of their existence. None of them grew up with this as their childhood dream but life wasnt fair,they knew. Out of every Tom,Dick and Harry they knew about the ugly twists of fate better than anyone else.


Lynette said...

wow very well written!

nahl said...

the way you described it,incredible!

Alisha Sethi said...

Thaaankyouu! :D

Naima Qamar said...

It was very well written and I could almost see all of this. The end was very sad, but Kudos to you for you did this story and this involved getting to know exactly how both the men and women feel about this.I won't be able to do such a piece.Brilliant.

Alisha Sethi said...

Thanks Naima :D

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