Nov 16, 2010


By Yusra Abbasi

As one walked through the newly varnished mahogany door into the huge embellished room; the fragrant stirring scent of red roses permeating through every nook and corner of the suite-like bedroom bedroom welcomed you with an alluring warmth.
A s you walked inside,your feet sank into the warm, fuzzy beige carpet strewn with crimson red rooses.You could almost hear the velvety material wrinkle under your feet.
A small shimmering chandelier hanging from the ceiling flooded the room with golden light. It appeared as if the room was bathing in the warmth of sunlight.
On the right stood a maroon dressing table with beautiful intricately designed floral patterns in gold and silver. On the table dusted with face powder lay a beautiful gold jewelry set outside its red box. Atop it was ahumongous mirror displaying the grandeur of the room.
At the other end, against the off-white walls was placed a four-poster bed with a crimson red, silky bed sheet covering the mattress which still had fresh impressions imprinted on it. A pillow with half of it's silk cover off of it lay on the carpeted floor, besides the bed.
Above the arched mahogany bedstead was a medium sized picture in a rectangular gold frame, exhibiting a young tanned woman on a chair with almond-shaped, azure blue eyes. Clad in a gold-sequined dress and adorning a beautiful gold necklace; her intriguing eyes seemed to be sobbing about an emptiness inside. Her thick luscious red painted lips were curved up into a subtle smile. Beside her stood a handsome white man, in a long off-white silk shirt with his wrinkled face adorning a full tooth smile.
On the left besides the curtained window, fixed on a wall was a sophisticated woode wardrobe. On one of it's knobs hung a hanger holding a golden sequined dress.
The beige carpet was polluted with spots of red, leading to the bathroom door from where the sound of water overflowing coinciding with the thumping sound of clothes being washed.
Right outside, on the beige carpeted floor was a  white mass in a pool of red. 


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