Oct 13, 2012


By Javeria Ahmed

The door creaked as Sivim pushed it open and peeked inside. The old warehouse smelled of rotten leaves and the air was heavy with dust and vapour. On reflex Sivim clutched the package closer to her chest, as if trying to hide it from an invisible eye.

Mekael watched his ex girlfriend walk straight into the trap he had set for her. A knowing smile spread across his face and he rubbed his hands with glee, and anticipated the coming minutes.

The hair on Sivim's nape stood on edge and the night hair made sounds like a pack of wolves howling at the same time.  Sweat started trickling down her face and she wiped if off the back of her hand.

He skipped across the road separating the warehouse from him, his mind replaying the plan for about the thousandth time, where he was the cat and Sivim the mouse.

Sivim spun around as she felt a shadow creep up behind her, all she could see was a maze of cardboard boxes surrounding her from all sides and she was smack in the middle.

He crouched behind the cardboard boxes and slid his hand under his black, leather jacket calmed by the familiar feel of cool metal against his hand.

As the slow, never ending minutes passed, Sivim felt more confused and disoriented than ever. Her end started spinning and she looked around her for some support. The air in the warehouse was still and intense, as if it was waiting, watching their lives.

He saw his golden chance shining brightly in front of him. Memories of how brutally she had broken his heart started playing across his mind. His heart started pounding, his eyes became red with anger and his blood starting boiling with rage. He crept up behind her and slowly pressed the revolver to Sivim's back.

She felt the cold metal rest against her back, and closed her eyes. Goose bumps rose on her hands as she heard the cold, menacing, but familiar voice, "You're gone." 


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