Oct 13, 2012

Third Person Dual

By Rabea Sarwar

She followed the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through the air,the pitter-patter of her feet echoing through the silent house. She pushed the kitchen door with all her might and entered eagerly. Standing near the entrance, she moved her head from left to right, trying to find the location of that scrumptious treat. Then there they were; golden and moist with chocolate chips.

He stood behind the door, stuffing his fist into his mouth to stop the laughter threatening to burst out of him. He had been waiting for her for the past ten minutes, walking from one end of the kitchen to another, spewing curses with each step. He had spent the whole morning for the perfect opportunity to get her. Hiding behind doors. Listening at windows. This plan would have also failed, like the countless before it, if not for an urgent meeting and lack of an available babysitter.How indignant she had been when Mommy told her that she could not leave her alone, her precocious pumpkin. He had been a silent witness to that petulant display, could still hear her screech,"I'm not a baby!"

She started to walk forward in a trance. Suddenly, all the things that she had said to Mommy came rushing back. She stopped. Mommy was only worried about her. And what had she done? Thrown a tantrum. Even then Mommy had left these yummy cookies for her. She always thought she was sensible than other kids her age. Today proved her wrong. She was spoilt. And bad. And evil. Her eyes blurred with tears. She started to sob.

He cursed angrily. What was the matter with her? Why wasn't she cramming the cookies into her mouth? The whole morning wasted and for what? A sniffling child? The crying was supposed to begin after he had done his work, not before.He leaned back to resume his watch. 

Breathe in, Breathe out. Just like Ms. Peyton had said to when she skinned her knee. She continued on her way, eager to let Mommy's cookies comfort her.

He crept out silently from behind the door. He put on his mask. This was it. This was the moment.

She stopped again. She thought she had heard a noise. But she was alone in the big house...wasn't she?

He hid again. She wasn't supposed to see him till the last moment. It would ruin the whole plan. He watched as she turned around slowly and then, shrugging her shoulders, finally reached for a cookie.

And that's when she heard it. A giggle. Her heart started to beat faster. Adrenaline rush. Quick breaths. 

He could not stop it. Just thinking about her terrified face amused him.

She glanced at the knife on the counter. It was sharp. It would protect her.From the goblins. The witches. The beasts. Her fingers curved around its handle. A loud growl made her turn around. She screamed as she saw the wolf's face. And the knife made contact with flesh. 

He collapsed on the floor, clutching the knife. Blood pooled around him. Her horrified face wasn't what he was supposed to see. It was supposed to change from scared to angry. Angry at him for trying to trick her. It wasn't supposed to be tormented. That expression didn't suit her. The way her mouth opened in a silent scream-it didn't suit his spoilt sister at all. 


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