Oct 13, 2012

Third Person Dual

By Muqadus Tabraze

The doe frolicked in the sunlit wilderness, far from her home. She leaped over a stump, and the leaves crunch under the hooves. The roaring river nearby glistened, breaking the still of the jade forest. She eased up nearby a fir tree, and lapped up water by the bank.

He watch the doe, ever so carefully scrutinizing her: a potter admiring his master piece. Seated high up in a tree, the hunter shifted slowly. The branch underneath creaked, yet the hunter remained calm. The stream masked the noise. The clunky hands reached back, as he pulled an oak bow off his back; slender, with tribal engravings carved into the polished wood.

She gazed around her; the bed lacked grass. She was displeased. Nothing but trees towered around her, throwing gnarled shadows all around. The wind blew gently, and the musky smell of the wet earth reached her. She felt at home, as the soft eyes closed. 

He plucked the string. It felt firm. It felt powerful. It felt effective. It could kill. The bow alone was not the tool, though. He would need others. He proceeded to pull the quiver in front, and picked out a single arrow. The tip sharper than a fires burn.  He thought for a while; a contemplating look etched across his face. An unarmed beast, incapable of self defense. It would not be just. He peeked through the layer of leaves. The doe's brown coat glowed, it's legs curled underneath a warm plump body. He drew.

The cry resonated as the safe surroundings suddenly lurked with threats, everywhere. Ruby blood stained the fur on its delicate neck. The does jumped up and thrashed. The blinding, searing pain was too much, as the hands of death clutched at her throat, sucking the air out. She saw a hooded, cloaked individual walking towards her, but she could not flee. Giving in, her legs gave way as she passed. 

He knelt beside the magnificent creature, now sprawled lifelessly. He peered into the sparkling eyes. There lay no warmth in them. The cold face hardened even more, as he unsheathed an iron knife. The blade plunged into the flesh


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