Oct 13, 2012

Third Person Dual

By Khadeeja Khan

It slid across the cold, white marble floor. It cautiously treaded towards the white light avoiding crates and shelves as it went.

Sara was utterly frustrated by her mother's constant nagging and wanted some peace and quiet, but she would certainly not get much of that at the zoo. However, unable to bear another moment with her mother, she ebbed away from the crowd and entered the nearly serene, deserted reptile displays.

Its bottle-green scales glistened in the sun. Freshly-cut grass blades tickled its belly. Its eyes scavenged the area, avoiding the attention of any large two-legged creatures, it began to make its way to the benches to find some covering.

Sara glanced upon the reptilian creatures in disdain. She was too busy in her thoughts to notice the gaping hole in one of the displays. Due to pacing around her feet had begun to hurt and so she decided to go outside. She the white benches but instead found shade behind a bush to be more appropriate.

It curled all its length into a tight ball under the bench, awaiting its soon-to-be victim. Its wide yellow eyes bolted from side to side, calculating. When alas, something caught its eye and it instantly pounced from its position.

She put on her earphones and laid laid back onto the cool grass. She looked at the flecks of blue sky amongst the tree tops. She saw something large move beside her and a shudder jolted down her back as she sat up. "Nah, it's nothin'. I'm just being paranoid." And with that she lay down again.

That was close. But just a minor set back. This is easy prey. It is stupid. It recoiled in the bush right above her head. Re-adjusting its trajectory, it pounced. It covered the girl's mouth before she could signal for help. It started to tighten its grip around her neck. Never stopping. It closed in tighter and tighter. Bones broke. Lungs collapsed. And she was dead within two minutes.

The boa smirked at its triumph. Relishing the moment.


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