Nov 14, 2011

V Files: Chapter 10 - The Office

By Sama Khwaja


Nothing but endless black as far as Destiny could see.

She stretched her hands out, hoping to grasp something. To her surprise, her hand touched something cold. Her anxiety level dropped as she wrapped a hand around the object and realized it was a doorknob. Out of curiosity, she turned it.

A silhouette of a door flickered into view as she pushed the door open to reveal…

…Alicia Crescent’s office.

Her heart raced as she stepped in. She remembered this place. Just by looking at it clicked some old memory hidden deep in the recesses of her brain. It wasn’t part of the laboratory summerhouse. It was part of her mansion. And it was…the one room she remembered quite, quite vividly.

The wooden floor gleamed newly, a geometrical patterned carpet laid right in the middle of it. Bookcases covered two walls stacked to the top with thick novels. At the head of the office was Alicia’s mahogany desk complete with its swivel chair behind it. Just like it always was.

Except there was somebody there.

A distinct humming was audible from the swivel chair that’s back was turned to her. It made her skin crawl. There was something wrong about the way the chair’s occupant was humming. It almost sounded sinister.

Destiny knew she should leave. She could smell the danger in the air. She took a step back. And that’s when the chair suddenly turned around. Destiny bit her tongue to hold back a scream.

It was the man with the terrifying blue eyes. She could see him clearly now but she didn’t think that was a good thing. He looked more terrifying with a properly defined face. His thundercloud hair was everywhere and his eyes almost looked worse than before.

She gasped when he rose out of the chair. His body began to distort and look molten like he was morphing. Now, he looked like Alicia. And then, he was himself again. Then, Alicia. He kept changing every second but his piercing eyes never changed and continued to stare menacingly at her. ‘It’ spread its arms out to her.

‘Come to us,’ it hissed as if a hundred people were talking simultaneously. But Destiny was already sprinting back to the open door, back into the black. At least it was better than watching that thing.

Suddenly, Destiny jerked back. She stopped in her tracks before she could trip and glanced down in alarm. To her horror, a thick tentacle of smoking black material wrapped firmly around her boot. She looked to the source of this repulsive tentacle and her eyes landed on a sinisterly laughing man/Alica. She’d tried not to manic before, thinking that escape was at least possible. But now, she felt there was nothing stopping her from acting pathetic and begging for her life.

‘Let me go!’ she screamed at the monster and tugged frantically to pull away. It just laughed harder.

‘But we need you!’ it said gleefully and out of nowhere, more tentacles thrust out from behind it to wrap around Destiny’s waist, her wrists and her legs.

Her struggles were getting more useless. The more she pushed forward, the further she was pulled back. The door kept on getting further out of her reach. This was truly a lost battle she was fighting.

Then, all of a sudden, the door slammed shut.



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