Nov 30, 2011

The Taste of War

By Khurram Ali

The thick tomato sauce as red as cherry spills over the knobby elbow macaroni. Coats them like the white patches on the mountain peaks. The puddle of crow black soya sauce on the layers of dry pasta slowly seeps deep through the narrow depressions. A few pinches of lemon pepper seasoning hails. Beat down the battle-ground like the arrows from the crossbows of the opposition.

The peas camouflage themselves with stains of war in a musty green colour like earthy emerald stones. The chopped pieces of potato lay as spectators, or rather obstacles in the midst of confusion. The perfect blend of spices and cloves with freshly cooked shreds of beef serve as fortifications. The steamy mist engulfs the landscape like the fumes of battle; the haze obstructs your view.

The threat still lurks as you invade the territory with a piece of chromed cutlery. Destruction strikes and you pick your first prey. As you lift it the tantalizing aroma sneaks up; takes you by surprise and throws you back. It reminds you of your home, the dinner table; the whole family for once in a blue moon enjoying the same voluptuous meal.

You smile and take a mouthful. The softness of the starchy macaroni, as smooth as velvet and you feel a loss of control as it slips out of your grasp. Oh, the crunchiness of the crispy peas, full of comfort. And you definitely yearn for more as they adhere to the mouth like gooey caramel. You indulge yourself with the slices of potato as fluffy as pillows.

It’s near the finish line, your taste buds sense something acrid, tart – fine powder corroding through your tongue like acid. Ooh, the bittersweet delight that carries you away. Your eyes gleam with excitement. And with eagerness you’re ready to launch your second attack.


Reja Younis said...

Wow that was really good :)

Noor-us-Sabah Adamjee said...

ahhhhhhh.......i liked it =)

Neshmia said...

Wow. That was... amazing. Incredibly well written. :) That's the first time I heard macaroni being likened to war. :p

Khurram said...

Thank you :) Means a lot!

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