Nov 30, 2011


By Sana Noor


The sun rises with a yawn, taking laboured steps towards the sky. The clouds start to dissolve and disperse to make way for their king. She can not help but admire the beauty of the beginning of a new day.

The sun shines in its eternal glory, like an angel rising towards the heavens encompassed by a fiery red halo. A yellow brick road reflects on the serene ripples of the ocean and she can not help but wonder if she will be taking that same road when she dies. Will her body float down the road and reach the kingdom of the sun? Will she sleep in the sun’s warm bed? Or will her body drown with the weight of her worries into the nothingness of the inky blue depths below?

The night sky has yet to completely disappear and it reflects in her mood. The grey clouds tinged with pink represent the sorrows of her life and it seems as if they promise to stick around, waiting for the descent of the king in slumber, to attack again.

She wants to hit ‘pause’ for a minute so that she can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the sun one last time before she goes through with her plan. But it’s almost like the sun is winking at her, gesturing her, daring her to go through with the plan. Like it already knows the outcome.

The ocean appears to be on fire, much like her emotions. Only there is less anger and more sorrow and guilt. And instead of emitting warmth, the air around continues to remain cold. If only she could forget and he could forgive.

She shuffles the pills in her hand, standing an edge away from the cliff end. Then he shows up. The pills fall and drown under the toxic blue hue of the water and she runs to take her place in his arms. The sun smiles down on them, encompassing them in its warm tangerine glow.


Ali digs his hands into the sand and relishes in the cool feeling. He sits near the shore so that the water laps at his feet and he has a clear view of nature’s phenomenon.

Everything is quiet. Not a single sound as the golden orb shows its crown. The whole ordeal is like the birth of a baby. People hold their breath in the anticipation and when that beautiful perfect child comes into the world, their faces glow with happiness. Much is the case with the sunrise.

Ali watches on in amazement. This is his routine for everyday. Auburn tinges appear everywhere in the sky and black nothingness of the night disperses in fear. Flecks of pink can be seen on the clouds, as they blush in the presence of the majestic ball of life.

The blazing star pushes back the darkness of night to the western horizon, painting the sky with pinks and purples and blues, shedding the land of its two-dimensional grayscale cloak.

A sigh escapes him and he cannot avert his eyes from the sight before him. It is the lion of the sky, its mane in the shades of golden yellow that halo the sun. The otherwise rough sea too cannot help but calm down. Its ripples reflecting the radiant smile of the sun. Staring would only slip one into oblivion.

The horizon is encompassed by the never ending glow of the sun and almost appears to be on fire. As the sun rises it twinkles and winks, unabashed by its nakedness. It basks in the glory of all who look at it in admiration and awe, but flares in anger when they shun him out of their lives when he slightly raises the temperature during the day.

Birdsong erupts in a dizzying daze, nature's personal alarm clock. The sunrise is a very intimate thing. One you cannot share with everyone.


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