Nov 23, 2011


By Aiman Fajr

Q. Write a description of a sunset/sunrise from the perspective of a character who is sad.

The depth of that ocean is taking you in with it. So much darkness within, so many creatures unknown. That ocean will eat you up just like a giant monster; it will fill your lungs with its poison till you won’t be able to breathe. The only source of warmth there is that ball of fire, is going away, is going down. The monster is engulfing it slowly. And in no time what you will be left with is just darkness and and gloom. No sunshine for you, no warmth. It will just be a dark, empty world. Those clouds, all illuminated, seem to laugh at you. At your loss and pain. They turn all kinds of shades, from that irritating orange to an illuminated dark one to just clear blues. They confuse you, they play with your mind. One time the sun is staring directly at you, its light almost blinding you and the next it’s gone. At least you had someone before but now you’re left all alone with nothing but the dark skies above and the deep blue ocean below. Those dark puffed up clouds give you a sinking feeling, of loss and doom. You feel trapped by the scene, you want to get out but it won’t let you. But there is a hope. In those clear blue skies above. Yes they too will soon be gone but they will leave you with a hope, something to look forward to the next day. Yes, after every storm comes a rainbow and my rainbow will come someday soon too.


Farwa Haider said...

Second-person, huh? ;) It's a really good attempt. It certainly made me feel depressed and hopeless. I like how you ended it on a hopeful note though.

Reja Younis said...

I agree with Farwa--I feel so depressed after reading this. The second person point-of-view works really well.

Afnan Imran said...

Same here! I feel like I'm there, witnessing the scene.

Zoha Jabbar said...

Very well-written :)

Aiman Fajr said...

Thankyou guys :)

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