Sep 27, 2010

Subliminal Message?

Hi guys!

Considering the fact that this blog has gained quite a number of followers now, I'd like to use this opportunity to blatantly advertise the blogs of several Lyceumite bloggers. So here we go:

Ali Umer (A2) OkaySoThisIsMyBlog?
Amna Chaudhry (A2) Bourgeois Pigs and Misguided Rants
Anam Abjani (A2) World According to Anam
Asad Zaidi (A2) Quill Emissions
Maliha Ali (A2) Maliha A's Blog
Nida Sohail Chaudhary (Ex) The Bohemian Chronicles
Rahomie? (A1) Trying To Escape Reality and It Sounds Better With A British Accent
Sadia Khatri (Ex) 50, College Street and Nuclear Battery
Sana Jatoi (Ex) Subconscious Escapism and Return of the Jaahil
Zaariyah Bashir (A2) Peanutprongs


Amna Chaudhry said...

Hahahahahaha yayayayay :D

Sama said...

zaariyah!! hahaha funny!

Rahomie said...

Thanks xD

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