Sep 16, 2010

Assignment: Describe a room in a way that the mood of the character is highlighted. 

By Amber Raza

The walls of the tiny room seemed like they were going to cave in on me. The tall closet
leered at me from the corner, its mouth open wide, as if waiting to engulf me in the black
darkness within. The ceiling felt like it was going to press down on me, and I watched
as the blades of the fan above me loomed nearer, slicing at the air around them. Slice.
Slice. A tiny stream of moonlight crept in through the open window, causing the branches
outside to cast shadows on the wall in front of me. Two long claw-like hands reached
towards me, as if waiting to embrace me in a chokehold.

Black abyss underneath my bed softly called out to me, daring me to crawl under
it and experience its majestic beauty. The clock on the faraway wall ticked loudly, each
tick echoing around the quiet room, and I watched it in the same fashion as a man on
death row might watch it. Watching and waiting for something terrible to come. Outside,
all was quiet. It was as if the creatures outside had sensed the arrival of some ancient evil,
and had decided to flee. Any noise was better than this; the silence felt like it was going
to suffocate me. I felt my ears start to bleed, as they strained to hear something, anything
from the outside world. I watched, huddled up in the corner of my bed, as the darkness
slowly began to pour in, until I felt like I would drown. The room filled up to the brim,
and I waited for it to enter my mouth, my nose and my eyes. I was choking on the
blackness, entering into a world of no return.


Alpha Za said...

That's really good. Fantastic bit of writing.

Pooja Lakhwani said...

Amber, i really liked this. I loved the whole bit about silence - very, very well written =D

hats said...

that was one well written piece of description!! it can really help us write ours

Annoushka said...

Three words:
Poetry in motion.

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