Feb 13, 2012


By Camilla Bawany

Good evening young ladies and gentlemen! As you all stand here eagerly waiting to graduate from your middle school and enter your high school, let me warn you. It's definitely not as easy as you think it is going to be. No longer will your teachers spoon feed you with syllabus requirements, no longer will you be allowed to come in late if you overslept, no longer will the excuse of 'the dog hate my homework' work. Everything will change. You will be adults now.  But along with these changes , something more important will also change too. Your goal. As you enter the real world, you will realize your one and only goal in life : success.

Success is what all human beings want. Yet we fail to realize it during our childhood because we are too engrossed in useless activities as our innocence hides the requirements of this greedy and selfish world. But as we enter adulthood, we slowly and gradually see that everyone's life revolves around success. Everyone needs success. Everyone works for success. Everyone wants success. Yet, not everyone can get success. So what are the ways of achieving success? Are there any ways through which one can garuntee success?
Well, to achieve success, the very first step is to define what success means to you. Not everyone has the same meaning of success, do they? I am sure while I was talking, all of you had different images of success built up in your minds. For one it might be money, for one getting admission into the best university in the world or for one, it might be just becoming the captain of the cheerleading team. So decide. You need to decide. What you want.
After you are done deciding what success means to you, stop running after it. Yes, you have heard it correctly- stop running after success. No need to run after it, afterall why should you? You know what you need to run after? Run after the task which defines success for you. Go after that task. Do it. But don't expect any success. Do it again. But don't expect any success. You need to keep doing it. But don't expect any success.
Success will eventually itself come to you. That is a promise. When you aim towards hard work and perfection, success automatically comes running after you. No need to go anywhere, no need to ask for it, no need to cry for it. It will just come. And if it doesn't , it means you still aren't doing your job the way it is supposed to be.
I will also warn you about something most people don't . Do not go for success which someone else wants for you. Your parents, your friends, your family. No. Do not listen to what they want you to achieve. Listen to yourself. Think about what you want and then work for it, not what others want for you. For example , ten years from now if you see yourself as a dancer and your parents see you as a doctor, make sure you show them the picture you have about your future. Do not ever replace your picture with theirs'. If you do, trust me success won't even come anywhere near you.

Finally, my friends, I shall end my speech with one last advice. Love your work, love your dreams. If you don't love what you want the you won't ever love the work you have to do achieve it. Hence even if you get success by any chance, it won't lead to the ultimate goal of each and every human being- happiness. So follow life in three simple steps: work, success, happiness. Thank you! 


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