Oct 22, 2011

People Of The Sea

By Reja Tahir

Q. In 350 words create an atmosphere of horror, mystery or suspense.

The sky seemed to be dappled in rays of Orange,Yellow and Pink. Birds were flying in flocks to their homes,their dark colours standing in stark contrast against the sunset. The sun,which looked like a flaming orb of Orange seemed to be in the process of being engulfed by the sea. The waves crashed constantly on the rocks,leaving behind a fine mist in the air which felt like heaven on one's skin. The crash of the waves, roar of the wind and the strumming of the acoustic guitar by a solitary figure in the distance provided the perfect soundtrack to her breathtaking and unreal surroundings.

Though her skin glittered with mud, her sneakers were grey brown instead of their usual blue and her hair was tousled by the wind,she was content to sit there for hours. People did not usually get it but she felt complete at the beach, she felt like she belonged with this magnificent stretch of water. She took a deep breath and inhaled in the salty smell of the sea and the delicious aroma of roasting corn which came from the nearby vendor. The day was slowly dying and streetlights were switched on, wrapping the sea and its people in a comfortable orange glow. It was slowly turning chilly as it was a mid November night. She shuddered and wrapped her shawl tightly around her. To her side lay a sketch pad,a notebook and an ipod.These items were necessary for her every trip to the beach but she hardly got to use them as she was too entranced by the beauty of the sea.

All of this made a strangely beautiful picture. Though she frowned to no end in her daily routine, happiness surged through her as she sat there gazing out to the noisy darkness of the sea. It would be perfect if the missing piece would come by and complete this beautiful and unreal picture, she thought,smiling to herself as if she had a secret. Soon enough he came and sat next to her on the jutting rock, singing a perfectly pitched version of Bon Jovi's "I'll be there for you," and just like that, life was radiant.


Farwa Haider said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Reja Tahir said...

thank you Farwa! this was supposed to be the happiness and joy atmosphere though :P

Farwa Haider said...

I assumed as much. I had an almost similar feeling because of the sea. ;)

Zoha Jabbar said...

Gorgeous :)
But why are the colours of the sunset capitalised?

Reja Tahir said...

Thank you Zoha! :D oh and I capitalized the words because I wanted them to stand out :)

makola said...

This made me smile.
Reja, it's beautiful.
Write more, you know I'd read it :)

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