Oct 7, 2011


By Sana Noor

Ahmed heard his mom's words echo from the morning. She had had a mug of coffee in her hand and had a dead serious look on her face. She had kept the principal's letter in front of her.

"How long has this been going on, Ahmed?" She had asked and he had found no words to explain his position. "You do realise this is your final year, right?" They never gave you a chance to forget that. Everything had come down to this final year..

She placed the mug on the table, making sure there was a coaster under it. He stared at the mug long and hard.

"You don't understand. You wouldn't understand." He finally said and stood up to leave for school.

"What are you gonna do with yourself, Ahmed?"

He did not need this right now. Had not wanted it in the morning from his mother and surely did not need it now from Mr. Rana.


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