Oct 11, 2011


By Afnan Imran

“What are your plans for tonight, Agent 307?” The words came out in a shrill hiss from the mouth of an ugly hag with green skin and black rotting teeth that were visible through her open mouth. Her black eyes shone with venom as she stared at the salt-and-pepper-haired woman in front of her.

“I have forbidden Cinderella to attend the ball, Commander.” The middle-aged woman said as she smoothed a hand over her ball gown.

“You fool! How do you intend to stage a full-scale takeover on Imperia’s behalf with such a hare-brained scheme?” the hag screeched. “Seven years! Seven years you have spent on this planet and this is what you come up with?”

“Commander, we agreed at the last meeting that a bid of takeover will be signed by the Prince. The minor agents, posing as my daughters, will not be able to catch him unless Cinderella vanishes from the picture. Her beauty will surely captivate him.”

“You will be hanged if the human king learns of this deception before your plan is underway! I shall have to step in!” the hag said with irritation as her long, crooked nails drummed an impatient tattoo against the windowpane. “Go to the ball. If you see Cinderella, make sure her time with the prince is not disturbed.”


Watching the carriage depart with Agent 307 and the minor agents, the hag pulled out her communicator and contacted her master.

A gruesome face appeared on the screen, the crooked nose and the sickening, green face were worsened by the evil grin etched on it.

“Ah, Commander. What news do you bring me ?” he asked ion a thick, nasal voice.

“Your Majesty, the trap will be set tonight, but I need a few supplies fir-” she began.

“Tonight!!” the King of Imperia bit out, his face twisting in rage. “This takeover should have already taken place, you imbecile!”

“Master, please! Humans have proven difficult. Agent 307 has lived in disguise on this planet for years, with that man who died and his daughter. One more night should hardly matter.” pleaded the hag.

“Very well. What do you need?”

“I shall require a mind control device, shaped like a pair of glass slippers of size six, and a computerized carriage, fitted with a bomb.” she listed.

“Your items will be teleported in moments. Be sure that your plan finally succeeds. You have until tomorrow.” The screen went blank with an ominous threat.

The hag grinned; she would succeed. Cinderella would soon serve her purpose.


“Wake up, dear girl.”

A faint whisper roused Cinderella from slumber. She found herself looking into black, expressionless eyes, framed in an ugly green face. Her own deep-blue yes, swollen with tears widened. She brushed her sunlight-colored hair off her brow, not believing her eyes.

“Wh-who are you?” she whispered, goosebumps raising on her skin.

“Do not be afraid, child. I mean no harm.” The hag said in a soft voice. “I have come to help you. You would like to go to the ball, wouldn’t you?”


Dressed in an ice-blue gown, with a silver tiara, a silver necklace, and glass slippers, a grateful Cinderella waved goodbye to the old hag from the window of the beautifully crafted, white, pumpkin-shaped carriage. It rolled gracefully down the road, preceded by six white horses.


For Cinderella, time flew by. The evening was wonderful, spent dancing with the Prince. She never wanted this night to end. It was so much better than her stepmother’s slavery.

Love, she thought. It is such a beautiful feeling. She gazed into the Prince’s golden-brown eyes as he smiled down at her.

Suddenly, the clock struck midnight. Against her will, her body wrenched itself away from the Prince. Her feet carried her out of the palace and onto the steps, where she mechanically took off one glass slipper and left it on the steps.

She stumbled into the carriage, as if by force. The door was barely shut behind her before it started moving. It travelled far from the palace until it was only a smudge in the background.

With a horrendous noise, the carriage exploded into a debris of rubble, destroying its occupant along with it.


Prince Edward ran after the beauty who had bewitched him all night long. He was too late! She had left! Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a sparkling slipper on the steps.

Something to identify the beauty with! He picked it up and cradled it like a precious gift.

“Prince,” he heard a gravelly voice behind him.

He turned around to see an old hag with green skin grinning wickedly at him.

“Sign these papers, will you?”

Edward stared transfixed and horrified as his hand reached out for the proffered pen, as if by a will of its own, and signed his name on the paper.

“Imperians will now rule the earth!” the hag cackled. “You are of no use anymore. Go to the highest tower ion the palace, dear Prince, and jump to your death with that slipper in your hand.”

Failing to clear his mind of the haze that had settled over, Edward found himself obeying.

“Oh, and Prince, take your father with you. Push him first, but you must not warn him of your intentions.


The hag remained below, watching two screaming and flailing bodies plummet to their death. She was soon joined by her under-agents who praised her vindictiveness.

She pulled out her communicator and sent a homing signal to her king. Her hair-raising cackle split the night air as the first space shuttle was sighted. A technological revolution was to come to earth.


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Haha! I love this! It's so twisted it works! =D

Afnan Imran said...

Thanks :)

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