Jan 26, 2013

Abortion Essay

By Aleena Kazi

Mother Teresa was known to have said, “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” Have you ever asked yourself why this is the case? Why is it that a child must be aborted in order for one to live a happy life? Is it not possible to live that life with the child growing in your womb? Is getting rid of it the only way? No, it is not. I for one believe that abortion is wrong and it should not be legalized.

I completely support the fact that a woman should be allowed to choose whether she wants a child or not but the time to choose should be before she has conceived, not after it. I do understand that some women are not given a choice in the case of rape but the woman does not have to abort the child she conceives. The fact that she has been raped cannot be changed. It is done and there is no going back. Aborting her illegitimate child will not save her the humiliation. I believe that she can give birth to the child and if she still feels the need to get rid of it, she can give it up for adoption. No child is unwanted. There would be the argument of physical and emotional pain if this were done but it must not be forgotten that abortion would also yield the same rotten fruit. In fact it would be much more painful as it will cause future problems in giving birth. Abortion will not only kill the baby, it will also harm the mother.

Some people say that there is no point in banning abortion. Why? Because people do it anyway in unhygienic conditions. This way the lives of the women are more in jeopardy. So by legalizing abortion there would be less danger to the woman’s life. This is true but by legalizing abortion it would be granting permission to end countless lives. Quite a few people would get abortion for ridiculous reasons such as conceiving a girl instead of a boy and some men might even force their wives into getting an abortion at times. I do agree that this would happen even if abortion was banned, in illegal conditions, but the number of such cases would be less. If there were a law against it, it would discourage some to go through with this process, if not all. It is said that a bird in hand is better than two in the bush. It is better to have less such cases than more.

The most vital reason as to why I believe that abortion should not be legalized is that to abort a child is to take a life. If you kill someone you are called a murderer but why isn’t the same title used when you abort a baby? It is the same act. An unborn child is still a child. The very second a woman conceives, she brings a new life into the world. Just like you want to be given chances at worldly things you should give the child growing in your womb a chance at life. Who are you to decide whether someone should live or die? Everyone has a right to live and you are no one to snatch away that right from an unborn, innocent baby. It is a living, human being! Aborting a child is murder! It is a crime. The child can feel the pain after a certain month, if it is being aborted. Has it ever occurred to those of you who get their children aborted, what happens to their remains once they’ve been removed? Many a times, the fetuses are thrown into dumpsters where cats, mice and birds eat them. Does that not make you wince?

As Ronald Reagan said, “I notice that all of the people who support abortion are already born.” What if your parents ever told you they once thought of aborting you? How would that make you feel? It isn’t really fair because you’ve already been born. It is also morally and religiously wrong to end a life. You speak of humanity but where is the humanity when it comes to killing a defenseless child? I firmly believe that the taking of innocent lives is not acceptable and that there should be laws preventing such a cruel process.


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