Jan 5, 2012

V Files: Chapter 12 - Remembrance Is A Pity

By Sama Khwaja

Is it even possible? It can’t be! What kind of mother would do that to her own child?!
The paper in Destiny’s hand fluttered to the floor. She glanced at her trembling hands.
What kind of mother…
This couldn’t be true. A piece of paper didn’t prove anything. She needed more answers to this messed up mystery that’s claiming to be her past. And there was only one place left where she could find answers now.
‘We need to go back?’ she said firmly and turned towards the exit.
‘Back where?’ River queried as he caught up.
‘Alicia’s lab.’
‘Dee, there’s nothing there now. It’s gone, remember?’
‘There might still be something there! A lab! There’s a hidden lab under that summerhouse! We need to find it. I need to find it! It’s-!’
‘Will you stop and breathe for a second!?’ He grabbed her by the shoulders and stopped her. ‘Dee, this is all happening too fast. You need to slow down and think. Tell William, tell Rhett, tell somebody. You can’t take on all of this yourself! It’s too much!’
‘Since when did you care so much?’ she snorted and wrenched away. Their eyes met.
‘Since I joined Vice, Dee,’ he said curtly. ‘We’re a team and we look out for each other and I’m not going to let you throw your life away right now! This could get dangerous!’
‘Yes, I know. Which is why I don’t want to get anyone involved! This is my past, River, so it’s my problem! I’m going to get to the bottom of this and if you want to get dragged along be my guest! I’m not going to be responsible if you get hurt!’
‘I’m more scared you won’t be able to protect yourself,’ River muttered as the two left Omicron. She just glared at him and refused to utter a word as they reached the blackened remains of the summerhouse. They found the abyss quite quickly and made their way down to it. Destiny went first.
She walked down the lane to the glass canister and placed a hand on it. The glass felt nice and cool against her skin and she could see her own reflection. She looked gaunt and exhausted. She tried to smile. Today had been quite a long and eventful day. No wonder she looked drained.
Suddenly, her reflection twisted into a scared Alicia. Destiny jumped back in shock.
‘I’m so sorry,’ she whispered and quickly disappeared. Bewildered, Destiny whipped around to see River descending from the ladder.
‘River!’ she cried out but before she could get anything out, a sudden explosion on the side cut her off. Smoke and rubble blocked River from her view and the impact sent her sprawling on the floor. Grunting, she forced herself up, praying that River was alright, and stopped in her tracks when she saw hundreds of glowing red eyes peering out of the smoke at her.
‘I wouldn’t do that Destiny,’ came a chilling voice from the fog. Her eyes flicked over the smoke. That wasn’t a GroundUnder talking.
‘Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about me, Destiny,’ the voice laughed. ‘After all, we go way back.’
She could see those deformed creatures limping out of the fog now. One of them, however, was pushing a wheelchair forward, like a king being led to his coronation. Perched in the wheelchair was a something just as disfigured as the GroundUnders. The only difference was that this one had a shock of salt and pepper hair and familiar piercing cerulean eyes.
Destiny’s eyes widened in shock.
‘It’s you,’ she whispered in horror.


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