Jun 28, 2011

English Language AS Exam Section A – Question 2

by Nimrah Nadeem

Q: Write a monologue call ‘The Serial Killer’ in which the thoughts of a murderer are revealed at a crucial
point in his/her life.

Why did I do it? Is that what you want to know? What’s my motive? Oh, forget the motive. Isn’t it so much more frightening when the killer doesn’t have one at all? Especially when you find out that killer is just an ordinary person – just like you.

I’m sorry. I really didn’t want to be put in this position. Please understand that this is so much harder for me than it is for you. But you should know that you’re only in this predicament because you got yourself into it. Nobody asked you to probe. Nobody asked you to get involved.

You see, the reason why you’re duct taped to my living room furniture isn’t because of a sadistic desire on my part. Well, not entirely, anyway. I had another victim in mind for today, but you just had to go and ruin that for me, didn’t you?

What’s this? What have we here? Oh, lord, the irony! I suppose I’m not the only one with a secret “hobby”. You’re from the bureau, aren’t you? You’ve been sent for me. Tch, I haven’t been careful enough.

I do applaud your acting skills, though. You’re exceptionally good, young lady. I could never have guessed who you were had you left your wallet home today, “Agent” Burke.

It’s a pity, really. I thought I was doing so well. Who’d have thought your little bureau was on to me the entire time. You guys should have moved in sooner. Why send only you? An unprotected female. You must not have meant a lot to them.

What’s that? You’ll think they’ll come for you? Oh, don’t make me laugh. You know they won’t. I know they won’t. Why bother lying to yourself? Or to me, for that matter?

The poor girl’s in denial. Look at you, you’re a wreck. You really want to know why I do it, hon? It’s the look on their faces, in their eyes as the light leaves them. I find it fascinating, to say the least. You see, first you do it because you have a motive. When you’re successful the first time, it goes to your head. Gives you a high. Next thing you know, you want to do it again. And again. So that’s when you start looking for motives, and when you can’t find them, you just make them up. And the thing is-

What? Stop looking at me like that. Really. It isn’t even that much of a shocker. So I do it for the thrill. Big deal. Maybe I did have a motive once upon a time. But we digress.

Point being, I need to do something about you. But what? For God’s sake, woman. Stop struggling. You’ll only prolong this needlessly.

I need you to stop struggling! Look what you’ve done. I untie your arms and you break my nose. That isn’t very nice of you. But then again, killing you isn’t exactly the epitome of politeness either, is it?

What the-?!

Good grief, woman. Hold still!

Wait a minute, I’m the one holding the gun. Why is there blood pooling across my shirt? Oh, no. I’m losing quite a bit of blood, aren’t I? Well, now. I hope you’re happy, Agent Burke. Why are we still even having this conversation? Oh, wait – you’re still half bound and gagged. I’m the one doing the talking.

Tell me, Agent Burke, is the light leaving my eyes the same way it did my victims’? Is the fire going out? Are the dying embers losing their glow? Haha, even as I breathe my last, I manage to be poetic. God, I feel silly, now.

Goodbye, Elizabeth Burke.


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This was so much fun to read especially the last part!

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