Feb 27, 2011

By Alisha Sethi

We all know what we have assembled here for. This demonstration,this upheaval,this cry for justice was inevitable. This is a message to the ARMC from the five thousand goblins standing here in solidarity,finally taking a stand against all that we have been through.

For years now we have remained docile,submissive,simply accepting the terms and conditions put forward to us by the wizarding community. This has caused the two communities to live like oppressor and oppressed, exploiter and exploited or as our friends,the non-magical creatures say ' the ruling class' and the 'subject class'. Yes, such is the relationship between the goblins and the wizards. This reality of our position dawned upon us after we became a community for ourselves. We have finally understood the social reality hidden, craftly and cruelly,beneath the way of life laid down for us.

They the 'mighty' wizards expect us to look abashed when we refuse to give them our wands. When we say " Why should we? ",they are increduled at our audacity to go against the status quo set by preceding generations but I ask you, oh ARMC, that why shouldn't we?

It is us goblins who make a living out of working in rundown banks and shops,just sitting behind the counters waiting pitifully for our 'masters' to utilize our services. If the goblin wasn't there,there would be no one to manage the activities of these mindless fools. If the goblin wasn't there acting as the gofer 'Their Highnesses' would actually have to go through the tiresome process of reciting spells and swishing their wands to get their dirty work done. Despite this the newly instated decree forces the goblin to purchase goods only from the shops carrying used items of wizards. It is us who manufacture the goods they use, it is us who sell it to them. Then why should we have to resort to their hand - me - downs?

Decree 502 is a disgrace to our honour and to our dignity. It is like a stubborn ink stain on our pride and on the entire system of justice that wont just fade with time. It needs to be eradicated and it needs to be eradicated now. This is why I implore you to see reason oh honourable members of the ARMC. Your association, the Association of Respectable Magical Creatures, was established to protect the interests of all magical communities and not just of a selected few. Removing the decree or declaring it to be invalid is the only solution to this injustice. I hope you will not disappoint me and these other five thousand despaired souls who have only one wish and one wish only. The simple wish of justice. 


KWP said...
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Misal Shujjat said...

this was AMAZING! :D

Alisha said...

Thaankyouuu :D

chhipa said...

A great article indeed and a very detailed, realistic and superb analysis of the current and
past scenarios.

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Najia Navaid said...

Haha i read it again and laughed out loud :)

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